Shop Tools

I have received a lot of questions about the tools and supplies we use in our home workshop. Here is a list of Amazon Affiliate Links to all the major tools we utilize during our project builds:

Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer – Fast, Simple, Beautiful Custom Wood, Leather, Craft, DIY, and Hobby Laser Cutting & Engraving On Your Desktop

We bought our laser cutter in February of 2019 and it was one of the best decisions we have made in a while. This cutter has been nothing but impressive and we have loved every second with it. If you are looking to expand your crafting horizons, do yourself a favor and invest in laser beams.

If you would like to purchase DIRECTLY from Glowforge and not from amazon, Here is my Glowforge referral link. Follow the link to the buy now section. For you, $500 off a Pro, $250 off a Plus, or $100 off a Basic!

Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer v2 – White With Heated (120 x 120 x 120 mm) Build Plate, Fully Assembled + Free Sample PLA Filament And MicroSD Card

Lil’ Printz has become a staple in our workshop. Yes hes small but man does he pack a punch. He always gets the job done and provides a crazy affordable way to enter the 3d printing world. He will not disappoint.

HATCHBOX PLA 3D Printer Filament, Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm, 1 kg Spool, 1.75 mm, White

This is the primary PLA that we use with Lil’ Printz. Its great for DnD miniatures that get painted after the fact

Pro Marine Supplies Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin 

Pro Marine Resin is a simple 1:1 Ratio resin that if measure properly and kept in a warm room, will set beautifully. I mix my resin with Pigment powder but it can also be mixed with acrylic paints.

Black Diamond Pigments 

Very bold pigments that mix easily into resin. I use a very small amount of powder for my pours since the pigments are so bright. A little goes a long way.

[TashiBox] 3 oz white paper bath cups, 200 count (200)

These little cups are perfect for the small resin pours I do for my projects.

Tuck Tape Construction Grade Sheathing Tape

This tape works great with resin pours. I am able to create a well for my piece, line it with this tape, and pour. I am never concerned about resin spilling anywhere. This stuff is CRAZY Sticky!!

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale with LCD Display (Batteries Included)

This little scale is perfect for all my resin pours. It allows me to quickly and accurately measure my two part mixtures and it is so cheap, I don’t care how messy it is!

Vallejo Basic USA Colors Paint Set, 17ml

The Army Painter Miniature Painting Kit with Bonus Wargamer Regiment Miniature Paint Brush – Acrylic Model Paint Set with 50 Bottles of Non Toxic Model Paints – Mega Paint Set 3

I have used a mixture of Vallejo and Army Painter Paints for years now. Vallejo has much better pigment quality but Army painter lets you get more colors for your money.

3 mm 1/8″ x 12″ x 12″ Premium Baltic Birch Plywood, Box of 16 B/BB Grade Birch Veneer Sheets, Perfect for Laser, CNC Cutting and Wood Burning – by Woodpeckers

Great thin wood boards for prototyping or finishing projects. This is our primary wood for projects when we need a thin board that will stain/paint well.

3M 200 Utility Purpose Paper Tape – 4 in. x 180 ft. Crepe Paper Masking Tape Roll. Bonding Tapes

This tape is a fast way to protect laser cut or laser engraved work surfaces. It helps protect from burn and smoke damage that a laser cutter can do to your work surfaces. using a wide roll allows for quicker application and removal.

Fast Orange Fine Pumice Lotion Hand Cleaner – 7.5 Fluid Ounce

After completing a laser cut or engrave on wood surfaces I always clean the piece with Fast Orange. Using water, Fast orange, and an old, soft bristle toothbrush, I am able to remove all smoke and burn damage from a piece.

Jack Richeson High Density Tempered Hardboard(6 pack) , 16×20

MDF is your best friend. When making funtional pieces for our shop, like tool holders, we make it out of MDF. It cuts cleanly and its so easy to work with. I have made all of our small tool holders and paint stands out of this material and they are holding up strong.

MIFFLIN Cast Plexiglass Sheet (Transparent Clear, 1 Piece, 12×12 Inch, 0.118″ (1/8 in) Thick), Acrylic Sheet, Plexi Glass, Plastic Sheet, Clear Plastic Sheet, Cast Acrylic Plexiglass Square

MIFFLIN Cast Plexiglass Sheet (Opaque Black, Set of 5, 12×12 inch, 0.118″ (1/8 in) Thick), Acrylic Sheet, Plexi Glass, Plastic Sheet, Clear Plastic Sheet, Cast Acrylic Plexiglass Bulk

Almost every project we work on ends with an acrylic piece holding it all together. This sheet has served us well in many of our builds and we continually have some on hand. The second link is for a pack of black acrylic sheets that were used in the Stain Glass Build

Novus 7100 Plastic Polish Kit – 8 Ounce

When working with acrylic (and in some cases resin when it is necessary to sand a piece) we always keep Novus on hand. Its a great way to buff out scratches and make a piece shine!

WEN 6515T 1 in. x 30 in. Belt Sander with 5 in. Sanding Disc

We were not convinced we would need a belt sander because we never used one in the past. Since buying this little guy, we have used him in the VAST majority of our builds. I used to just sand everything by hand. This little Wen belt sander has proven that my hand sanding was terrible and this was the best option moving forward!

Dahle Vantage 10673 Self-Healing 5-Layer Cutting Mat Perfect for Crafts and Sewing 24″ x 36″ Black Mat

We have these cutting mats in all of our work areas. They are big enough to cover a large area and strong enough to handle a TON of abuse!

WenTop LED Strip Lights, WiFi Wireless Smart Phone Controlled UL RGB LED Light Strip Kit 32.8ft(10M) 

Our house is completely Alexa enabled. These wifi lights have proven to be very versatile with whatever project we are working on.

DEWALT DWS779 12″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Our saw was the first tool we bought for the house and has been there through our entire home renovation. working with a home that was everything but square made us realize we needed a tool that could make what ever angle we through at it.

Genesis rVZpax GHG1500A Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit with Four Metal Nozzle Attachments, 4 Units

Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board and Envelope Tool

Barge All Purpose Cement Quart (O22721)

Darice 2mm Foamie Roll, 36-Inch by 60-Inch, Black

Every other little tool that sits on my desk

Paint brushs

Paint brush cleaner

xacto knives

carving tools




Makita tools (drill/router)