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Nicole, a Project Associate, and Thure, an Operational Support Technician, are a married couple from Milwaukee, WI. Together they work on multiple different projects with the help of their Glowforge, Monoprice 3d printer, and various other tools. They have slowly worked to make their home into a functional makerspace, dedicating the entire top floor of their house to the cause. Nicole is a level 11 Gunslinger/Fighter Wood Elf and Thure is a level 11 Paladin/Bard Dragonborn. They have two perfect cats that enjoy helping in their projects named Eos and Arcadius. If you want to know more about them, send them a message. They like friends.

Support Our Weird Hobbies

Want to donate to the crafting cause? Know you donation would go right back into what we make. Crafting is a pricey business and we go through a lot of supplies! Every dollar does help 🙂


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