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Remaking the original Super Mario’s game box art

My friend Wes over at @Geeksmithing is a huge mario fan. In celebration of his birthday, I recreated the original games box art using my laser cutter, a vinyl cutter, and Epoxy Resin. Everything is sandwiched together using 5mm Chicago screws. I think it turned out really well!

Intro – 0:00

Frame and resin – 0:28

Vinyl Cutting – 2:04

Vinyl Layering – 3:32

Need Help with layered Vinyl? –… Top layer Details –5:07

Final Shots – 7:13

Want to build this yourself? ALL of our files are over on You get access to all of the project files that have been used in videos as well as some that never made it to youtube!

Below are Amazon Affiliate Links to tools used in this build. Using these links don’t cost you any extra, they just help us feed the cats and leave the lights on: Glowforge –

MDF Back Panel, 11×14 –

Plywoods and Veneers –

Acrylic Sheet –

Artisan Pigments – Mica Powder Ultimate 25 Color Set –

Alumilite Clear Cast Epoxy Resin –…

Insta-Cure Gap Filling 2oz Bob Smith Ind. –

Sewing Clips –

Acrylic Paint Brush Set –

Chicago Screws –…

Black 3.0 –…

Vinyl – Removable Paper Studio Vinyl and Cricut vinyl Black/white Vinyl and Transfer Tape-…

We used a Glowforge to make this card If anybody is interested in purchasing a Glowforge you can use our referral code to get: $500 off a pro or $250 off a plus. We’ll get credit too! Use the link below. We love our Glowforge. Feel free to message us with any questions!

Looking for Resin? Check out and use code GEEKS10 for 10% off your purchase! not only do they have resins but they also have a wide range of Mold making materials and dyes!

Music: All music is from the service Artlist – A Royalty-Free Music service! If you want to use this service, feel free to use our link and get two months free! –

Join our discord server: . Make new friends and talk about things!

FOLLOW: Head over to for more of what we do! If you like what we do here, Support our crafting habits on Patreon –

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