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Who’s that Pokemon?!

…It’s Swole Pikachu!

We had just bought a new Artillery Sidewinder X1 3d printer and I requested the first print be of Swole Pikachu. We had purchased Marble PLA ( and I thought it would be super funny to make a statue. This build is based on the a model by user “Cyenyee” on Thingiverse ( I wanted to make it look like a forgotten shrine with a murky pool of water and cracked tiles surrounding this muscular master piece. I made a video showing step by step how I made this thing –

The build plate and tile template will be available on our patreon account. We have moved all of our Build Files to Patreon. If you would like access to ALL of our laser files moving forward, head over to For $2 dollars a month you get access to all of our laser files that have been shown in videos as well as some that never made it to youtube! Looking for Resin? Check out and use code GEEKS10 for 10% off your purchase! not only do they have resins but they also have a wide range of Mold making materials and dyes!

We used a Glowforge to make the laser cut template. If anybody is interested in purchasing a Glowforge you can use our referral code to get: $500 off a pro or $250 off a plus. We’ll get credit too! Use the link below. We love our Glowforge. Feel free to message us with any questions!


Build Files

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