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When Geeks Craft Legend of Zelda’s Hyrule, but its huge.

The first map we ever made on this channel was a painted Breath of the Wild map. Our skills have grown so much since then that I wanted to take another crack at this, just this time….super big. This map is 2’ x 3’ and it is amazing. An amazing map from my favorite game of all time.

The original design for this map was created by Map_Creator on Instagram:


Music: All music is from the service Artlist – A Royalty-Free Music service! If you want to use this service, feel free to use our link and get two months free! –

  • Memory and Forgetting by SPEARFISHER
  • Eminence Landscapes by Ian Post
  • Pixelated Sunrise by SPEARFISHER
  • Fallen by Kevin Graham

Below are Amazon Affiliate Links to components/tools used in this build. Using these links don’t cost you any extra, they just help us feed the cats and leave the lights on:



3 thoughts on “When Geeks Craft Legend of Zelda’s Hyrule, but its huge. Leave a comment

  1. Do you have photos, I am trying to make this for my daughter for Christmas & can’t figure out where all the islands go.


    • honestly, all I have is the video for this project. A lot the island i left out because some were so small. If you are using our file from Patreon I would say to refer to the files to find the island shapes.


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