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When Geeks Craft a Jumbo D20 – One Day Build – [GLOWFORGE]

This week I wanted to make something in one day so I decided to make an extra-large D20.

Thingiverse files – *The vertices work for any laser-cut tile that has the hole 15mm from the edge.*

Below are Amazon Affiliate Links to tools used in this build. Using these links don’t cost you any extra, they just help us feed the cats and leave the lights on:

Alumi-UV – . Use Code GEEKS10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order! UV Lamp – Artisan Pigment Powder – Super Glue – Novus 7100 Plastic Polish Kit – Paper Cups – Johnsons Plastics Walnut Duro Laser Plywood and mirrored acrylic – Brass Rods –—3-64%22/p/24133

We used a Glowforge to make a lot of our projects. If anybody is interested in purchasing a Glowforge you can use our referral code to get: $500 off a pro, $250 off a plus, or $100 off a basic. We’ll get credit too! Use the link below. We love our Glowforge. Feel free to message us with any questions!

We have moved all of our Build Files to Patreon. If you would like access to ALL of our laser files moving forward, head over to For $2 dollars a month you get access to all of our laser files that have been shown in videos as well as some that never made it to youtube!

Wanna chat with us?! Join our discord server: Make new friends and talk about things!



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