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How to make your Glowforge Clean and Quiet


Today we are here with some knowledge rather than a project. As many of you know, we have had our Glowforge for a while and share a lot of fun projects with you all. We recently started having smoke/exhaust issues, so we called our friend Josh at PNW.MADE. Here is a link to his Instagram account. If you don’t know him, you should!
He is a laser cutting master and a super nice dude.

In our call with him, he showed us where all the fans were and the best process he has found to clean them. He also made us aware that his machines ran quietly. Blown away by this idea, we had to upgrade our machine immediately. So, we bought the fan and went to work!

We genuinely thought we had good Glowforge hygiene but we were instantly proven wrong. In this video, we go over how to really deep clean the machine and how to make it super quiet. Our Glowforge is in our home office so it used to be a huge annoyance to run it during the day. I can happily say that now, it just sounds like a box fan running in the window. It’s insane.

I want to point out that our machine is out of warranty at this point. If your machine is in warranty, I wouldn’t recommend doing anything outside of Glowforge’s official recommendations for noise suppression and cleaning. This is just how we do it here at When Geeks Craft.

Want to talk more about Glowforge or making things in general? Join our discord server: .

Below are Amazon Affiliate Links to tools used in this build. Using these links don’t cost you any extra, they just help us feed the cats and leave the lights on:
Acid Brushes – 1
TerraBloom ECMF-100, 4″ Inline Duct Fan – 2
4 inch 8 feet Non-Insulated Flex Air Aluminum Foil with 2 Clamps – 1
Additional 4inch Clamps –
4 inch Blast Gate –

If you have questions, Let us know!
Nicole C – When Geeks Craft


Feel free to comment any questions below, I’ll do my best to answer them or point you in the right direction.
If you want to follow along with the projects we are working on, we are on social media with the handle @whengeekscraft on almost all platforms.


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