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Breath of the Wild Resin Stained Glass Panels

I found these stain glass panels made by Sarcastic Sketches on Tumbler and I instantly wanted to make resin panels out of them. My plan was to make five 4×6 inch panels and create a light box for them to sit in. What then unfolded was a messy, long ordeal.

The drawing and laser cutting was the easy part.

It all started going wrong when I started pouring resin. I attached the panel to the TuckTape with hotglue around the ends and some super glue in the middle spots. I really needed to use more super glue in the middle because I had a huge issue with resin bleed.

While it looks really cool, but the point of this project is to have a lightbox illuminating the panels together. This is not possible with this panel as when you shine light through, there is color bleed everywhere. It was a HUGE learning experience.

It was from here I had the idea to try again but this time paint the panels with a mix of Modpodge and paints. I recut all the panels and filled them with resin and Ghost green Black Diamond Pigment to give a slight hazy look.

I used a watered down Modpodge mixture and paints to try to help hide the brush strokes. In the end this also turned into a failure because the paints were still too thick and when you shine lights through you cannot see the colors very well. The panels though did turn our really cool, but still not the desired effect of a light box I am looking for.

I started again from scratch, this time with a bit more of a plan. The first pour failed because of resin bleed. Second time failed because painting was not the right option. This time I did an entire layer of clear resin about 1/16 inch thick. I did this JUST to seal the edges to the work surface. Right now I am in the process of laying each color one by one, in the empty voids to add the correct colors. So far this is working well. The colors are showing up like I want them too. They are currently just a bit light. I plan on adding more resin to them over the next few days to get the correct color and hopefully have this project finished by next week!

The colors are really starting to pop and it’s coming together really nicely.

UPDATE 6/24/2019

A ton of Progress has been made on the panels. All colors have been added as well as a top layer of Ghost Satin Green. We made a prototype frame out of foam core then remade it all out of Red oak. We added RGBLED lights that work with our Smart home system and we stained the red oak frame box. Its coming together really well and a video will be available soon!

After the Box was assembled by Thure, I stained the whole thing and applied the light diffuser (wax paper). Each panel sit in place allowing for future themes to be put in place for special events if wanted. This sits in our living room and is Alexa enabled like the rest of the house. I am so pleased with how it turned out.

We plan on releasing two videos on this. One as a fast build video and the other more in-depth with explanations of what went well and what really failed drastically.

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